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Rise was born

The first official blog post.  The topic that came to mind was naturally the first question people usually ask me, “Where did you get the name Rise?” So, here’s the story:

Upon establishing my business I still had not decided on a name.  I knew a few things about it.  It had to be a simple, no nonsense word, alot like Rise biscuits are.  And it obviously needed to be baker and/or breakfast friendly.  I remember being in the shower, yes I will not spare you the location detail of this exact moment I came across my business name, and I said outloud “Rise”. It was easy to say, easy to remember and of course, it went with baking.  I loved that it’s an early word, you rise out of bed in the morning but it also pertained to the action dough takes when it proofs or bakes. The “biscuit co.” came a week or two later as I decided my business was going to be solely based around biscuits.  Rise Biscuit Co.: born sometime early January 2014.

Another take on the word Rise. It is actually what I love most about the meaning of my company.

“She rises while it is yet night and provides food …” Proverbs says.  It also says, “Her children rise up and call her blessed…”

While I often get up while it is literally still dark out and prepare for the day, I don’t always beat the sunrise.  I also don’t always get blessings coming forth my children’s mouths.  In fact, usually more often that not, it’s quite the opposite.  And surprise, I don’t always make a warm breakfast every morning.  Let’s be honest, some days you just can’t beat a big bowl of cereal. However, I do strive for this.  I love providing for my family in whatever ways they might need.  I love being available for the people in my life and the community I live in.  I love learning about other traditions and hearing other people’s stories.  This is what this company is about.  Being in the community, learning about local businesses, collaborating with companies that are making a difference in Phoenix and beyond, and baking a whole lot of good ol’ fashioned biscuits along the way.

Thanks for your support, whether its by reading this post, following me on social media or just recently learning about my company and wanting to purchase goods from my store.  I hope to share more of my story along the way as well as facts about my company, lessons I’ve learned, people I’ve met and of course all things biscuits. Here’s to some hot little biscuits.

Kay Allison