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simple livin’

At Rise we specialize in good ol’ fashioned biscuits.  Just the way my mama made them.  Flaky, buttery and simply delicious.  Our regular buttermilk mixes incorporate local wheat from Arizona Hayden Mills flour, straight from the fields of Arizona.  All you need to make our family recipe is two ingredients really: butter and milk, two things you usually have in your fridge at all times. Now you can certainly use half butter and half shortening to lighten it up a bit and half buttermilk and half whatever milk you want..whole, skim, coconut, almond. Grab some mix online, cut in your butter and throw in your milk following the recipe card it comes with and bake it at ten minutes or until done.  Sometimes they need an additional minute under the broiler setting to get those golden brown tops but sometimes ya just can’t wait. And really, they taste just the same, golden brown or not.

So if you’re looking for a fancy pants pastry you can’t even pronounce or a breakfast dish that’s covered in so many toppings you can’t even see what you’re eating, Rise isn’t for you.  We keep it simple ’round here.  We hope you love our country biscuits. Give yourself five minutes to whip em up and clean up the dishes for a few while they bake and call the kids around the table to enjoy some Rise biscuits.