Butter my biscuit


You read about cold butter in a lot of pastry recipes. So whats the deal with cold butter? The difference lies in being flaky vs non flaky. Cold butter does not absorb as much in the starch of the flour. Therefore when it melts during the baking process, the results are layers of flakiness. My momma recently showed me a trick of the trade and that’s to use a cheese grader to incorporate near frozen butter into the flour. Another method is to use a pastry cutter and ‘cut in’ your butter to pea sized balls. You can use two forks or even a food processor, working the butter into the dry ingredients. Lots of ways to skin the cat, but the moral of the story this time is to to use cold butter. If you’re wondering how Rise Biscuit Co. rolls, here’s what we do:

After pouring the dry ingredients into a bowl, take the cold butter and cube it with a knife. Then we add it to our flour mixture, and use a pastry cutter and cut in until well combined. Pretty simple. Very effective.

Speaking of butter, See Salt recently smothered their cranberry orange butter on top of Rise Biscuits.


Sounds like the perfect Christmas morning breakfast to me!

Merry Christmas from Rise Biscuit Co.